Imagine you can save a great amount of your companies CO2 emission as well as daily transportation costs. Imagine your drivers get a more favored shift schedule at the same time. Yes, you can. Green-ORCA has algorithms to assist you!

Products distribution for trade chains is often a day-to-day optimization task. Several types of goods in varying quantities have to be delivered from one or more warehouses to the local stores. A variety of constraints must be met, e.g.:

  • unique delivery times and truck type limitations at shops
  • driving time restrictions and driver break times
  • truck load limitations
  • warehouse capabilities

The distance driven each day is not only crucial for the trade chains profitability. It effects truck availability, accident probability and highly impacts the CO2 footprint of your company.

Green-ORCA has done a case study for a German trade chain with two warehouses and almost 300 stores including above constraints. Based on our newly developed partitioning and routing algorithms, the average number of weekly tours was reduced from almost 70 to less than 30 tours. In addition, start times of the tours was scheduled to better meet drivers performance.

 Green-ORCA has conducted a case study for a German trade chain with one warehouse and 86 stores including distinct delivery windows for different product types plus shop specific truck type rectrictions in addition to regular driving time constraints. Our results proved to be very competitive in terms of tour size and total kilometers. In addition, many unfavoured tours between 1am and 4am can be avoided, while satisfying all delivery demand constraints.

Truck Departures for initial tour set

truck departure schedule for initial tour set

103 tours with 19.776 km. Colors indicate the utilization of the depot.

Truck Departures after Optimization

truck departures after Ant Optimization: 85 tours with 15.900 km. 10 early morning tours could be avoided.

85 tours with 15.900 km. 10 early morning tours could be avoided.

Summary: compared to the current tour plan of this company, Green-ORCA saves 10% tours and 5% total driving distance.

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