Are you running a small business with a need to automate specifc business processes that won't fit in any stock software solution?

Are your emloyees fed up with endless inhouse discussions about hardly progressing IT projects?

Talk to us! We deliver dedicated custom software tailored to meet your demands at affordable rates.

Agile is more than a marketing phrase for us - we deliver what you need, and the sourcecode is yours to keep.

Here are some examples of our custom software

Buzzer - Game

The BuzzerGame is a Multiplayer Game designed to attract young people. See more on


Screenshot Exam Client - Manger

ECMan (Exam-Client-Manager) is a software that allows to deploy exam configurations and retrieve students work on Windows based clients. See for more information

Beside English and German, we talk Python, Java, JavaScript as well as SQL, NoSQL and other programming languages.

 Contact us with your software issues.